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Reinders Posters, situated on the Dutch / German border near Bocholt, began in 1987 as a full-service distributor of posters and cards.

Retailers are offered a complete in-store concept with a display and range of products for teenagers and young adults. The range is edited and updated regularly to assure maximum sales in a market where trends and tastes are constantly moving.

Selecting the right titles from various suppliers worldwide is the basis for the well performing assortments at retail level. Our know-how and sales experience help us pick the best titles for you, the retailer.

It is our aim to ship retail orders on the same day with a courier. This has been made possible by a custom built software system and fully automated rolling and labeling machines with a capacity of processing up to 120 posters per minute.
Store Locator

We do not sell to individuals! Instead, we help customers to find the store where the product of their choice can be purchased. By clicking on the poster or postcard of their choice they get the option to enter their zip code and find the nearest retailer in their neighbourhood. A little extra service for our retailers.

With a growing customer base, publishing became an obvious step. Our in-house design department is responsible for all product development and promotion material such as websites and catalogues.

Ideas can be turned around very quickly to meet customers' demands for trends and hypes. Designs are either conceived in our studio or acquired through licensing agents, photographers or illustrators.




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